Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Honolulu City Council Committee Assignments

Today, Honolulu City Council Chair, Todd Apo, announced the following council committee assignments:
  • Committee on Budget: Nestor Garcia (Chair), Gary Okino (Vice Chair), Duke Bainum, Charles Djou, and Rod Tam
  • Committee on Executive Matters & Legal Affairs: Charles Djou (Chair), Barbara Marshall (Vice Chair), Todd Apo, Duke Bainum, Romy Cachola, Donovan Dela Cruz, Nestor Garcia, Gary Okino, and Rod Tam
  • Committee on Public Infrastructure: Duke Bainum (Chair), Nestor Garcia (Vice Chair), Charles Djou, Donovan Dela Cruz, and Barbara Marshall
  • Committee on Public Safety & Service: Donovan Dela Cruz (Chair), Romy Cachola (Vice Chair), Duke Bainum, Charles Djou, and Rod Tam
  • Committee on Transportation & Planning: Gary Okino (Chair), Donovan Dela Cruz (Vice Chair), Nestor Garcia, Barbara Marshall, Rod Tam
  • Committee on Zoning: Rod Tam (Chair), Duke Bainum (Vice Chair), Romy Cachola, Barbara Marshall, and Gary Okino
All councilmembers are members of all the committees. The above indicates “voting members.”

The following committees have been dissolved and incorporated into the above committees: Affordable Housing and Economic Development Committee; Public Health, Safety and Welfare Committee; Transportation and Public Works Committee; and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

Chair Apo hopes that by reducing the committees from 8 to 6, the council will work more efficiently.

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