Friday, August 31, 2007

Kauai Takes Aim at the Superferry

Today's Star Bulletin brings news that a Kauai group sought counsel to restrain the Superferry from operating in Kauai:

People for the Preservation of Kauai hired a local law firm yesterday to seek a temporary restraining order similar to the one now stopping the Superferry from going to Kahului Harbor, said Rich Hoeppner, the group's chairman and spokesman.

In the meantime, the ongoing Maui case has devolved into a war of words in the Maui News. Apparently, plaintiff's counsel turned down a settlement proposal by the Superferry. The 2005 proposal included preparation of an abbreviated environmental review that would include many of the procedures required by state law. However, the plaintiff's, who disagree with the department of transportation’s grant of exemption to the Superferry, wanted compliance with the entire environmental assessment process.

Next week, the
Maui trial court will consider whether to grant a permanent injunction for the Superferry to operate at Maui's Kahului Harbor.

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