Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guest Contributors

Hawaii Land Use Law & Policy ("HLUP") welcomes submissions subject to the following considerations:

(1) Submissions should be consistent with the title and purpose of HLUP (both posted on HLUP's title page).

(2) Your submission should fall within one of the "Entries by Subject" (also listed on HLUP's title page).

(3) Your submission should be related to Hawaii, but need not be about Hawaii laws or land use related events if you can make a connection between the two.

(4) Please don't send a screed about a certain company, project, or government office. It's ok to focus on these for purposes of case study.

(5) HLUP posts fall primarily in 4 broad categories: news, commentary, analysis of a particular law or policy, and review of helpful resources for practitioners.

(6) The audience of HLUP are professionals who work in the field of land use and environmental law in Hawaii; e.g., lawyers, planners, government administrators, politicians considering related policy, and consultants who work on land use related projects.

(7) HLUP tries to consistently use the Bluebook for citation and the Chicago Manual of Style.

(8) Terms of Submission. You agree that: (1) your submissions and its contents will automatically become the property of HLUP, without any compensation to you; (2) HLUP may use or redistribute the submissions and its contents for any purpose and in any way with attribution to the original author; (3) there is no obligation for HLUP to review the submission; and (4) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.

If you have any questions, please let me know.