Thursday, January 22, 2009

State Unveils $4.2 billion, Six-Year Highway Modernization Plan

According to a January 22, 2009 press release, Governor Linda Lingle, together with Senate Transportation Chair Kalani English, House Transportation Chair Joe Souki, and State Transportation Director Brennon Morioka unveiled a $4.2 billion dollar, six-year Highway Modernization Plan. 

The statewide plan would implement critical highway projects and programs aimed at reducing traffic congestion, improving highway safety, maintaining roads, and saving motorists time and money.

Under the proposed legislation (which has not been submitted to the legislature as of this posting), funding for the plan would be raised as follows:
  • The state fuel tax which is currently $0.17 per gallon would be raised to $0.27 per gallon, generating an estimated increase in annual revenues of $51 million. 
  • Vehicle weight taxes, currently set at 3/4 of a cent per pound for vehicles up to 4,000 pounds, would be raised to 2 and 3/4 of a cent per pound, generating an additional $68 million in annual revenues. 
  • Motor vehicle registration fees would also be increased from $25 per year to $45 per year, adding an additional $23.3 million in annual revenues. 
  • The rental vehicle surcharge tax would be increased from $3 per day or portion of day to $5 per day or portion of day, creating an additional $32 million annually. 
Financial impacts to the average taxpayer would be a total of $170 per year.

The Department of Transportation's Web site has additional information, including a breakdown of proposed projects, at

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