Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bed and Breakfast Ordinances in the News

The Maui County Council's planning committee has approved a plan to cap the number of legal bed and breakfasts on the island of Maui. The islands of Lanai and Molokai are not part of the cap and may choose to set their own caps if desired. A description of the bills considered at the committee's October 14 meeting can be found in the committee's agenda. For news coverage see the following articles: Chris Hamilton, Panel agrees on caps on B&B permits, Maui News, Oct. 15, 2008; Maui limit on B&Bs goes to full council for vote, Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 16, 2008.

The Honolulu City Council last night voted 6-1 to give preliminary approval to a bill that eventually would legalize bed-and-breakfast operations on O'ahu. The ordinance would amend the City's land use ordinance by removing the prohibition on new bed and breakfast homes and establishing bed and breakfast homes as a conditional use in the residential districts subject to standards and restrictions, including a minimum separation distance, and requiring a conditional use permit (minor) for the use. For news coverage see the following: Will Hover, Honolulu City Council favors legalizing new B&B operations, Honolulu Advertiser, Oct. 16, 2008.

For more on zoning issues related to bed and breakfast establishments, see Bed and Breakfasts.

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