Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DLNR to Streamline Permitting for Commercial Wedding Operations on State Beaches

In No More Sunset Weddings without a Permit, I wrote about how the decades old practice of having a sunset wedding in Hawaii is under scrutiny, because the state decided that it would start enforcing laws already on the books. In a related entry, The Effect of Kafka-esque Land Use Permitting May Add to Hawaii's Economic Woes, I wrote about the impact of convoluted permitting on small business in Hawaii.

Well, here is some good news for small businesses. According to a July 2, 2008 News Release from the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Department will require permits for beach weddings; however, Laura H. Thielen, DLNR chairperson is quoted as saying,

DLNR is working with the industry to establish a streamlined right-of-entry permitting process for all commercial wedding operations on state beaches. In considering these improvements, the Department is seeking to address the industry need for speed and certainty and still respect the capacity limits of popular beaches.

DLNR is currently considering an online permitting system, similar to the existing DLNR reservation system for commercial operators using the state’s Na Ala Hele hiking trails.

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