Monday, June 30, 2008

High Resolution Wind Resource Maps Show 92 MW Energy Potential for Oahu

AWS Truewind, in an agreement with the various electric companies in the state, prepared an analysis showing areas favorable for wind production.

According to the study, the potential wind energy for the Island of Oahu is approximately 92 MW. The largest area of potential lies in the northeastern quadrant of the island near the Kahuku range and the Island's north shore. The second largest area of potential is located in the southwestern corner of the island near Barbers Point military reserve.

For context: "In 2001, there were 107 million homes in the United States; of those, 73.7 million were single-family homes (EIA, 2003). On average, each single-family home consumed 11,965 kWh of delivered electricity (EIA 2003). The national average carbon dioxide output rate for electricity in 2000 was 1,392 lbs CO2 per megawatt-hour (EPA 2003). " (See US EPA, Home electricity use.)

The entire study for Oahu and the other islands are located at the HECO website.

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