Monday, March 10, 2008

State’s Purchase of Turtle Bay Area Moves Forward

The March 14, 2008 Board of Land and Natural Resources agenda provides that the Board will consider authorizing the hire of a financial consultant to provide services for the acquisition of Turtle Bay.

Meanwhile, appropriation measure SB2423 passed out of the Senate and was today passed out of the House Committee on Water, Land, Ocean Resources, and Hawaiian Affairs. The bill now has two more House committees to go (House Committee on Tourism and Culture & House Committee on Finance) before it can be consider on the House floor. See, bill status report.

The current form of the bill provides for either of the following: (i) state acquisition of unimproved portions of the project not used for the hotel and golf course, (ii) if state purchase alone is not feasible, for the executive branch to enter into negotiations with third parties to cooperatively purchase the land, or (iii) if options 1 and 2 fail, condemnation.

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