Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hawaii County Passes Ordinance Requiring Affordable Housing of Industrial Developments

The affordable housing bills (Bill 112 and Bill 156) in Hawaii County were adopted by Council and subsequently vetoed by the Mayor. Yesterday, August 22, 2007, the bills were again before council with the Mayor’s veto messages for the Council to consider a veto override.

  • Bill 112, which would have required new subdivisions in areas that were previously zoned without affordable housing requirements to provide affordable housing during the subdivision process, failed. So the Bill 112, first proposed by the Mayor’s administration, did not become law.
  • The second bill, Bill 156, which will require industrial developments in West Hawaii and the districts of Ka'u and Hamakua to obtain affordable housing credits, was passed. Industrial developments beware.

I wonder if requiring projects that create jobs to provide affordable housing will have a negative effect on the economy? Hmm...I wonder...

See, Jim Quirk, Affordable housing bills, West Hawaii Today, Aug. 23, 2007.

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